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And then?

Andrea66 TS2017

TSW or Train Simulator? I often asked myself this question. Better to continue to work on the current or stop it and start with TSW? I know myself, and for me the graphic aspect has the predominance over the driving experience. I like to look at what I’m around while simulating a route, rather than having the perfection in all the train driving commands. Let’s say, I’m more arcade…
So TSW seems to be the choice to pursue by greatly improving the graphics department. But how mature is it? When can we start creating content? Or more than this can we really begin to create content sooner or later? We are almost a year since TSW’s first beta release, and despite Dovetail Games continuing to confirm they are working on the Editor, there are no big certainty. And so?

From my point of view I’m starting to look at UE4, to understand basic dynamics, but honestly create on this platform without knowing how the models will be used, how much C ++ code you can use, shaders, materials, various limitations, could become wasted time.
For now my decision is to create a new route on Train Simulation, which will be the extension of Turin-Bardonecchia to the entire Metropolitan Rail Service in Turin. The track plan is complete and I have integrated the existing part of the Claudio Mussa’s Torino-Genoa (from Villafranca to S. Damiano d’Asti) to the part I created for Torino-Bardonecchia.
In one of the next posts I will publish some more details.
Certainly before starting with TSW, a first part of the new route will be published. To understand then whether the route can be completed, given its enormity, I need to know exactly how TSW will move.

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