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Route To-Ba – End of the year update

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For all who are waiting for publication, the route is in theory ready. The installer is finished, the manual is almost finished, the packs are all finished.
There remains a problem of signal behaviour that I’m trying to solve and that I have not yet solved, and a couple of changes of catenary not properly correct that I have found in recent days.

The catenary is easy to be solved, but the problem of signals is more complicated.

In fact, the signaling has problems with the green light when the track is occupied by static consist that you want to couple. And even by forcing with the TAB, the go-ahead is not granted correctly, in the sense that the game engine grants permission, but physically the signal blocks the passage.

On the positive side, the signals work correctly on a mini test track, while they do not work on some tracks at the Orbassano yard. So given that the yard has the strong possibility of having scenarios of that type (coupling and uncoupling rolling materials), the problem must be solved.

In conclusion in the coming days I will try to find a solution. Follow the blog for updated information and I hope definitively positive.

Happy New Year!

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