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SFM Torino Rel. 1.0 Released

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image of SFM Torino Rel. 1.0 Released

After more than 3 years, from now on is available for download the release 1.0 of the SFM Torino route, extension of Torino Bardonecchia. You can find it here.

Inside the archive, you will find the executable, in addition to the manuals.

The route for now contains only the default scenarios already present in the Torino Bardonecchia (cloned), and further 2 scenarios always with default rolling stock.
In the future, new scenarios with Italian rolling stock will surely be published.

The installer contains all the necessary assets and therefore it should not be necessary to pre-install the Turin-Bardonecchia.

Due to the impossibility to test the installer, you can contact me or leave comments in case of installation problems.
I suggest anyway to carefully read the manual before installing.


8 comments on “SFM Torino Rel. 1.0 Released

  1. Hello, even though I have everything downloaded, I don’t see the speed signs in the game (velocitá ranghi). I only have white bottles instead. Do you know where the error could be please?

    1. This sounds really strange. Are you sure the bottle (Railworks model to replace a missing asset) are in the same place of a missing speed sign?
      If not, pls try to increase at the max level the slider for quality and density.
      If yes, pls verify that is esxisting the following folder under the raiwlroks installation directory:
      Assets\Cast\Addon\RailNetwork\Pack Segnaletica Linea
      and if existing if there is the relevant file “velocita*.extensione” where * is several file type and extension are GeoPcDx and bin

      If they are existing, something went wrong with the installation, but before to do special actions, try to clean the cache of the game and verify again if they are visibile or not.

      1. I have all files from Velocità 1 rango Avv 1 to Velocità 3zo rango. I tried reinstalling the map and assets and clearing the game cache. And there are still white bottles in their place.

      2. Hello,

        I have the same problem. In addition, I am still missing the balises (SST) at the signals, so the SCMT on the e464 is not working (I can only go 100 km/h because the device will not find the SST point).
        Installed yesterday, then deleted, today again, still the same problems. The map is very nice.

        1. Reply to both in regards to the very strange issues you’ve on the missing assets.
          I’ll contact via mail Adam to suggest some possible solutions, if we’ll solve, I’ll post the solution here as a reply comment to be beneficial for all other users with the same issue.

          For Terdal. SCMT is a wonderful addon developped years later compared to the route by the E464 creator and is therefore not included in the free SFM route. You need to get in contact with him to have help on how to overcome the problem you’ve with his loco. I think contact should be in the manual of the loco itself. Sorry for that, but I cannot help you on this topic.

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