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To-Ba Released!

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After three long years and very much patience on your part, I announce that the Turin-Bardonecchia route version 1.0 is available here for download in the Projects section.

The size is around 600 MB.

The download is a .rar archive, in which in addition to the Italian and English manual, the exe to be launched for installation is inserted.
The exe file contains the route and all the assets necessary for the correct operation of the route itself.

Before launching the installation, it is recommended to read the manual that explains what is installed depending on the packs you have already on your PC. Reading the manual can avoid problems of unwanted cancellation of assets. It is however recommended to backup important contents before starting the installation.

The release includes three standard scenarios with default rolling stock so that you can immediately test the route in its entirety without having to download additional material. The scenarios are “unreal” and have the sole purpose of driving the whole route with standard activities.

I am sure that more detailed scenarios will be available soon, created by many specialist friends already at work and that I hope to publish here too (or at least to have a link to them).

I’m sure that at the installation or playing, some problems will arise. To report them, you can write on the dedicated topic of Rotabili Italiani (for those having an account), or here as a comment, or again through the Contact Me section. I will try to answer as soon as possible, taking into account however that speed will also depend on the number of critical issues reported. The installer like the route has been tested by some friends, but I cannot be sure that everything works on any PC, with any scenario and in any situation.

The route is long and complex, and therefore the resources required are of a medium-high PC with the possibility of having the graphic settings at max (at least in scenery density and quality).

The route is released for free. If the work, as well as the assets created by me, meet your expectation you can consider the possibility of a donation through this site.

The manual also specifies assets used in the route realized by other users. For any request or donation for these, you can refer to the respective authors.

Once installed for the first time, loading of the route could take a little bit longer due to caching activity for the new assets.

I would like to thank once again all the friends of Rotabili Italiani for the help in the testing phase that has brought many problems solved in this release that I think should be enough stable.

Obviously I invite you, to comment positively or negatively to understand what you liked and what is instead to be improved, where humanly possible …

And of course I wish you a NICE FUN!

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